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Venue -
Harmony Wynelands

Photographer -
Kent Dingley

MakeUp -

Bakery -

Something Sweet Bakery

Noel Patillo

Video and photography were the first vendors I booked and I am glad I pushed for having a videographer for our wedding but most importantly Margaret and Jefferson. Margaret and Jefferson were more than accommodating I was able to talk to them and give them a concept of how I wanted my wedding video to look like and they delivered. I received my teaser video the next day and I can't wait for the rest of my highlights video and I'm glad I added the ceremony video. They absolutely went above and beyond. Margaret came more than prepared when I had a hair mishap with my vail and had extra bobby pins her and Jefferson also made sure we were drinking water throughout our wedding while we were filming and asked me if I need a chair while I wasn't being filmed. My husband said that pushing for Margaret and Jefferson for video was a great decision. You can really see that during the filming process they are professional, prepared, and able to adapt to any changes that occur during your wedding. They also came highly recommended by 2 other couples. They also worked great with my photographers both teams made sure they were working seamlessly together. Your videographers and photographers are with you during your whole wedding day and I'm glad Margaret and Jefferson were there to capture the moment so I can watch it on replay.

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